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The Power of Music

OAMEC was launched in 2003 as a private lesson program for students of all ages and ability levels to perform in small and large ensembles that meet for intensive weekly rehearsals. We have 14 professional music educators, with top notch teaching experience, provided 80 hours of one-on-one lessons in violin, viola, cello, double-bass, flute, saxophone, piano, and voice, as well as chamber music lessons, group lessons, and rehearsals for three levels of orchestra.


Why are we here?

A Distinct Identity

Survival in urban environments is a challenge for any young person. This is an even bigger challenge for the youth of immigrant families. YoFES is a powerful support system for children who have a disadvantaged start in life. We are  aware that our kids are affected by social inequality in Boston neighborhoods, therefore there are mentors and educators in place for them to grow. We succeed in strengthening communities, supporting families, and raising healthy children in the face of these circumstances through enrichment, education and healthcare.

Our Impact

We have witnessed powerful transformations with at risk youth within the past three decades at YoFES. Our environment fosters creative thinking, teamwork, and perseverance. We have seen the power of music break through the barriers put up by social and racial disparities in our community. We've seen the smiles, healing, blossoming of hidden talents and the impact of nurturing these children and their families.  Through inspiration, collective strength and teamwork, we provide our students with building blocks that are vital to success in a challenging world.