Open Access to Music Education for Children

OAMEC was launched in 2003 as a classical private lesson program for students of all ages and ability levels. The program's mission is to provide access to low cost, high quality music education for all young people, especially to those who would not otherwise receive the opportunity to study a musical instrument. 10 months per year, OAMEC students enjoy weekly one-on-one lessons in violin, viola, cello, piano, voice, guitar, and woodwinds. Other in-house offerings have included chamber music lessons, group lessons, and three levels of orchestra. OAMEC also partners with Boston Public Schools to provide year-round music enrichment to EL/SEI students of all grade levels.


Our teaching  team is comprised of enthusiastic, highly experienced professional music educators trained at distinguished conservatories in New England and beyond. 


We're offering online private lessons this summer!

Violin, Cello, Piano & Voice

July 6th - August 31st 2020

Weekly 30 minute Lessons ~ $80/month

Weekly 60 minute Lessons ~ $155/month

Due to continued safety concerns related to COVID-19, all lessons must be conducted virtually. 

(617) 364-0370

1234 Hyde Park Ave, Suite 104, Hyde Park, MA 02136, USA

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