Youth and Family Enrichment Services, Inc. hosted its fifth annual cultural celebration event, YoFestival 2016, on May 22, 2016 at the Roxbury Community College.


This festival aims to showcase artistic talents of young and promising artist while presenting an award to a well-established Haitian Artist in the community.


Using the theme “Expression of Haitian Culture, Pride & Spirit”, the talent competition was divided into 3 categories: Singing, Creative Writing, and Musical Instruments. The Best of Ourselves Awardee this year, Emeline Michel, the Queen
of Haitian Music, had an astounding performance with the OAMEC Orchestra singing Haiti Cherie and Ti Moun Yo.


More than 800 people made it to the sixth edition of YoFestival 2017.

Orchestra performed multiple selections and we ended the evening
with the Youth Talent Competition with the following first place
winners: Hayael Jacques in instrumental, Sarah Izidore in singing,
and Royaumine Laurore in writing. Everyone had a wonderful time
and the evening and ended the month long
Haitian American Heritage in partnership
with Haitian Americans United (HAU).

YOFES 2017 May Event-48.jpg