Yofestival Flyer2019 -1- final with pric

This Year's yofestival Will be a

"star-studded"Cultural event!

The annual YoFESTIVAL celebration serves as the culminating event for Boston's Haitian Heritage Month. In partnership with Haitian American United (HAU), this cultural music celebration serves as a platform to showcase the musical and artistic talents of our children while honoring the contributions of Haitian culture and leaders in Boston.

At this year's "star-studded" event, we are pleased to have special international guest artist Toto Laraque whose smooth guitar skills and cultural vibes promise to entertain the audience with popular hit songs such as Haiti Bel Fanm, Kompa Breezin, and Mireille. Lovers of good instrumental music will enjoy Toto's mixture of Flamenco, Jazz and Kompa Beats! We also have 2015 returning artist and YoFESTIVAL award recipient Pierre Gardy Fontaine who is an established voice in Christian communities, both national and international. Additionally, we will have performances by The YoFES Youth Orchestra, AASHKA cultural dance troupe, past YoFESTIVAL contestant winners, and much, much more!